Aspiring Creative Artist. Traveler. Dreamer.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Random and unexpected moments will happen. This lens will capture those memories and show the world what each photograph’s story is.

WRITER: Playful thoughts. Let this mind burst and hear these structures shout the unspoken words.

TRAVELER: Unity in differences. Each adventure creates excitement. Let your experience be your guide in exploring the beauty of the world.

DREAMER: Dream BIG. Believe that those plans and desires will unfold one step at a time until what seemed to be a dream before is a reality now.

I am the girl behind the lens; the mind behind the words and sketches; the searcher of the unkown.

I am Kaiz, an aspiring photographer, a traveler, and a dreamer.

Every moment is worth sharing. Each experience will have learnings. Be free and live for the moment.


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